7 March 2020 12:00 - 21:00 De Trix, Noordersingel 28/30, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium


World of Dance is the largest International Urban Dance Competition with focus on the art of street dancing and today’s new aged choreography. World of Dance is the largest touring event that embraces Urban Dance and Lifestyle. Hundreds of participants with the country’s top dance teams, and thousands of spectators will partake in a performance festival setting, awarding today’s top dancers with the most prestigious acknowledgements.

The 2019 World of Dance Tour promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to both participants and spectators in an effort to build a reputation as the Nation’s authority in Urban Dance Culture.

Register your team now by following the 5 steps detailed below:







Dancers can purchase their team tickets through their account after being accepted into the lineup.

Audience members must purchase their tickets directly through the venue. The Trix website can be found by clicking the link below.