Rules and Regulations

Revised 01-03-2023

Registration Process

  1. Create your account:
  2. Go to and click ”create an account”
  3. Fill in and submit the form
  • Register your team:
  • Go to
  • Log into your account
  • Choose the event you would like to participate at
  • Click “Register Your Team Now”
  • Fill in and submit your registration
  • Audition process:
  • After receiving your registration form, we will let you know if you have been accepted into the line-up

“Accepted, great! Now what?”

  • Upload your music:
  • Upload your mp3 music file into your account before the deadline
  • Buy your tickets:
  • Buy Dancer tickets through your account for each of your team members before the deadline

Rules and Regulations

Within this text you will find the rules and regulations pertaining to:

  • Audition video
  • Age divisions
  • Completing your registration:
    • Tickets
    • Music
  • Pre-show packets
  • Scoring
  • Judges Panel & Scoring
  • Stage Specs
  • Props
  • Awards & Prizes


Audition Video

  • The audition video should be of your dance group’s most recent performance.
  • Make sure your video showcases the very best of your group’s abilities.

Age Divisions:

Acts can register for Junior Team Division or Upper Team Division, see below: 

Junior Team Division*

  • Groups must have a minimum number of 5 registered dancers.

ALL dancers must be aged 17 years old, or younger. 

Upper Team Division*

  • Groups must have a minimum number of 5 dancers.
  • Groups can be comprised of dancers who are of mixed ages over & under 18

* To be clear: Upper Team division may contain teams with younger dancers, but this does not work the other way around. As soon as a team has 1 member who is 18 years or older, the entire team must compete in the Upper Team division. 
**All team registrations must be completed 2 weeks prior to the event**

Complete your registration
The deadline to complete your team’s registration is two weeks prior to the World of Dance event. If your team does not complete the registration process by this time, you risk expulsion from the lineup.

To complete your teams’ registration, you must:

  1. Purchase Team Tickets for each participant in your team
  2. Upload your performance music in mp3 format

Team Tickets
Tickets for participating teams and their coach/choreographer/leader must be purchased through the team account with The following rules apply:

  • Your team is required to purchase one ticket for each participant
  • Your team is required to purchase one ticket for each coach/choreographer/leader
  • All participant tickets must be paid for in one order, this ticket order must be placed through the teams’ account on
  • The deadline for a team to purchase its tickets is least two weeks prior to the World of Dance event
  • Failure to purchase your tickets before the deadline will result in removal from the lineup
  • There are no refunds for cancellations or removals due to missed deadlines.

To complete the registration process all teams must submit performance music. The following rules apply:

  • The deadline to upload your team’s music is 2 weeks prior to the World of Dance event date*.
  • All music must be in mp3 format
  • Profanity and inappropriate or offensive language are NOT allowed. Since World of Dance is a family event, all music must be clean.
  • Music and performance time for Junior Team division must not exceed 4 minutes in length.
  • Music and performance time for Upper Team division must not exceed 6 minutes in length.
  • Your audio file name should be your crew’s name. For example: dopecrew.mp3

*After your music has been accepted, performers will need to have a back-up USB labeled with the group name on it. The music file on the back-up USB must be the same file that was sent in before the deadline. If the music file is switched and violates the language and/or time rule, the team will no longer be allowed to perform and may be banned from participating at future World of Dance events.

Once your team has uploaded its’ performance music in mp3 format and purchased tickets for each participant, the registration process is complete! Now it’s time to enjoy your journey until the event, and train, train, train! 

Pre-show Packets
To get you excited and ready to perform, the World of Dance Tour Team will provide a Talent Packet to each group’s primary contact. The packet includes your check-in time, show line-up, example score sheet, and other vital information pertaining to the event. Talent Packets will be sent out at least 5 days prior to the World of Dance event date.

Judges Panel & Scoring System

Curious about scoring? For each event, a panel of judges decides team scores. The Judges Panel will consist of 3-5 judges and 1-2 tabulators. All judges will meet the eligibility, training, judge skills level, and requirements set forth by the World of Dance event producers.

All judges will score each competing team based on the following criteria:                                                                              

  • Performance: 20% (20 points out of 100 points total)

– Facials – Energy – Stage Presence – Showmanship

  • Technique: 20% (20 points out of 100 points total)

– Cleanliness of Routine – Dynamics in Movement                 

– Body Control – Musicality – Timing / Synchronization
– Execution          – Foundations

  • Choreography: 20% (20 points out of 100 points total)
    – Originality of Routine – Creativity in Routine   
    – Variety of Routine – Musicality – Concept
  • Creativity: 20% (20 points out of 100 points total)
    – Music Selection – Transitions         -Theme – Staging and Blocking

– Theme

  • Presentation: 20% (20 points out of 100 points total)
    – Costume / Performance Attire – Hair & Make-Up

– Attitude/Facial Expression

  • Deductions:
    • Music Longer than 6 minutes – .5 Point Deduction per second over time limit.

Main Stage Area & Back Stage Specs

At World of Dance events the following areas are available for dancers:

  • Crossover: There is a crossover available to allow for dancers to switch between each side of the stage without being seen.
  • Dancer prep area: There is an area dedicated to dancers for stretching and preparing just before taking the stage. This area is only for the next 3 dance crews due to perform. Due to the nature of the World of Dance venues, it’s impossible to offer proper dressing rooms to each of the hundreds of dancers participating in the event.
  • Due to time constraints, tech rehearsals will not be permitted on the main stage.


Got props in your act? All of them must go through a screening process. The World of Dance Tour Team must approve all performance props prior to the event date. To get approval, email photos of your props to the Event Manager before the event. All email addresses can be found at the bottom of this document. All props must be fire retardant. Any prop that hasn’t been approved prior to the event will not be allowed on stage.

All performers are responsible for their own items. The venue and World of Dance staff will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Awards & Prizes

What’s in it for you? The fun of expressing yourself with hundreds of other dancers, the thrill of sharing your art, and of course: prizes! To celebrate the most successful performances, World of Dance will hold an Awards Ceremony after each division.

  • World of Dance will award trophies to teams that place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd within each division.
  • First place winners from the Upper Team Division will receive €500 cash.
  • First place winners from the Junior Team Division will receive €250 cash.
  • Additional awards will be given in each division for Best Theme, Best Costume, and Crowd.

Teams that compete at a minimum of one World of Dance Qualifier are eligible to compete at the World of Dance Finals in Los Angeles.

Below are the conditions which must be met in order to be invited to participate at WOD Finals:

  • Junior Team acts with an average score of 80 points or higher
  • Upper Team acts with an average score of 80 points or higher

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us: