Become a volunteer at The Christmas Castle

Do you live, breathe, eat and sleep Christmas? Are you passionate about spreading Christmas spirit to starry eyed children? Or maybe you’ve always dreamt of being transformed into an elf? Whatever the reason, you’re here to find out what kind of volunteer roles we have at The Christmas Castle, so let’s get to it!

Elves, Elves and more Elves!
At The Christmas Castle we need lots and lots of Elves to make the magic of Christmas real for all our visitors. We need Elves to help in the Workshop and Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen. We also need Elves for in the mailroom and to help Santa when he is meeting and taking photos with guests.
Being an Elf comes with a great responsibility, as you are the face of Christmas at the Castle! The interactions with you are what will make or break the experience for the thousands of children that come to visit. If you have had any previous experience in acting, role play or improvisation that’s fantastic! If you havent had prior experience but feel you would be a good fit for this position please still apply, because all Elves are required to participate in Elf Training Camp. During training, elves will learn Elf Etiquette, improvisation, tips and tricks and required skills to perform at the Christmas Castle.

Production assistants and Runners
Production assistants and Runners are the magic behind the scenes. They are the hands-on helpers who drive trucks, do pick-ups, construct and decorate sets and much much more. If you’re handy and bursting with Christmas spirit and want to be a part of The Christmas Castle, but don’t want to be in the limelight then this role is for you!

If you want to apply as a Christmas Castle Elf or a Production Assistant
please follow