What we do


We delve into every aspect of your brand, your message, your goals, and the audience you want to engage. We examine the landscape, what’s trending, and what’s not. We ideate, workshop, refine, and challenge. The result Breakthrough creativity coupled with strategic insight designed to deliver measurable results.

Services offered for Concept Development:
– Concept Development Offerings
– Event marketing solutions
– Theme and message design
– Creative development
– Content development
– Speaker coaching
– Branding solutions
– Social media integration


From art and fashion to pop culture and spirituality, we draw on an endless source of visual inspiration. Our squad of designers couples these influences with their boundless creativity and curiosity to realize your brand story. The sights, the sounds, the environment, the interaction; all are carefully crafted to create a multi-sensory experience that starts from the first impression and lives with your attendees long after the event is over.

Services offered for Creative & Design:
– Set and stage design
– Environment design (sound, décor, lighting)
– Graphic design
– Video, multimedia design
– Presentation design
– Technical direction



Whether a city-wide experience, a conference center, the perfect hotel, the right restaurant, or a raw space with an unconventional feel, we don’t just present options. Our negotiation skills and deep worldwide relationships, combined with our market insight and trend analysis, enable us to find the best solution and maximize your savings.

Services offered for Venue Sourcing:
– Venue research
– Contract management
– Negotiations
– Site visits
– Venue management
– Preferred hotel programs


The proper planning of an event requires attention to detail that borders on obsessive. And, we admit it. We’re obsessed. We leave nothing to chance. Our planners walk in the audience’s footsteps, and plan every inch of the experience with intention, all to ensure we deliver seamlessly executed experiences that offer the highest level of service for your guests.

Services offered for Planning:
– Budget management
– Food and beverage
– Transportation
– Concierge services
– Onsite staffing
– Floorplans / seating solutions
– Project timelines
– Supplier management
– Risk management
– Safety and security


We combine the latest production techniques, cutting edge technology solutions, and a wealth
of experience to bring your event to life.
With foresight, flexibility, and precision we consistently deliver a final experience that is on
cue and on brand. We assemble the right team. We anticipate the obstacles. We have a Plan B and also Plans C, D, and E. We know how to build emotion and how to hit home a concept. And we understand how incredibly powerful it is when it all comes together.

Services offered for Production:
– Audio, visual and lighting
– Run of show / stage management
– Agenda development
– Content management
– Speaker, celebrity and entertainment sourcing and management
– Onsite staffing and production crew


Evention Inc. provides full-service talent solutions. With over 12 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry across Europe, we have assembled an extensive and reputable database of respected actors, models, hosts, dj’s, dancers, choreographers and designers in
all areas of the entertainment industry.

By cultivating a base of established talent, Evention Inc. has become a proven resource for producers, casting directors, and directors.

We focus on giving our clients a clear opportunity to realize their goals by providing them with full-service packages and advice to achieve and exceed their desired results.